What Is Encopresis?

Encopresis is a problem a child may develop stemming from problems with constipation. Children wearing diapers even as high as age 14, which happens many times because of soiling (leaking in their pants), sometimes becomes necessary. Then comes the psychological fear of being found out, which compounds the problem into stress, which is one of the biggest causes of constipation. It becomes a vicious cycle. It’s tough on children AND their parents.

When the child is brought before the doctor, most of the time they will be prescribed a laxative such as miralax or other harsh laxatives that have severe warnings on the label, which for some strange reason, many MD’s seem to not see. Stomach aches, diarrhea, even vomiting are side effects of these strong laxatives which raise up the motherly instincts of protecting her child, and rightly so. What is this encopresis and why is my child going thru this? is often the self talk of many a parent.

What to do with encopresis? Constipation is constipation, young, middle-age or elderly. You must remember the basics and don’t miss them.

Good, clean WATER and plenty of it. An adult should drink at least 2 quarts a day as a rock bottom minimum. What is your child drinking? Is she or he drinking enough water?

Exercise: Stress is always the big enemy for all of us. Reduce stress thru exercise, even if it’s just walking. Movement is always beneficial.

Diet has to have fresh fruits and vegetables (steamed or raw). No fast foods, no junk and get rid of the sugar (soda, candy etc.) Get the sweets from delicious fruit or fresh made juicing.

Probiotics is a must for any bowel challenge including encopresis.

For constipation relief, a product called PoopDoc has shown some to not only be extremely effective, but has no negative side effects (actually some good side benefits). See TESTIMONIALS by clicking on the link to hear others successes. http://www.poopdoc.com/testimonials.htm

In summary, water, a great diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise, lower stress levels, probiotics (not for constipation relief but bowel health), FUN (don’t forget the power of laughter) and for some, the constipation relief supplement called PoopDoc, have been the highly-searched answers when asking the question “What is Encopresis?”.